How to call Austria🇦🇹

First dial 011, the USA exit code. Next dial 43, the Austria country code. Then dial the 4 to 13 digits phone number

About Austria

The international country code is 43. It will allow you to call Austria from another country. Austria telephone code 43 is dialed after the international direct dialing ( IDD). Austria trunk prefix is 0. It will allow you to make calls inside Austria. List view: International code + 43. Trunk prefix 0 International mask phone number +43(xxx)xxx-xxxx. National mask phone number 0(xxx)xxx-xxxx. The Austria area code table below shows the various city codes for Austria.

How to call inside Austria

011 - 43 - 4 to 13 digits phone number 011 43 and 4 to 13 digits + 43 - 4 to 13 digits phone number + 43 and 4 to 13 digits

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